Factory for Customized Products

New generations of complex products tailor-made according to the final user’s needs, in order to strengthen the Italian manufacturing sector.


Evolutionary and Reconfigurable Factory

Dynamic production contexts characterized by evolving demand and technologies requiring factories co-evolving together with products and processes in en efficient and profitable way.


Advanced- Performance Factory

An advanced-performance factory which is able to carry out foreseen production by minimising at the same time the inefficiencies caused by failure, management difficulties, maintenance, to identify the defects and their relative causes and to repair failures immediately.


Sustainable Factory

A factory which is able to carry out sustainable production and which is characterized by maximum energy efficiency, new-generation products and production processes, new de-manufacturing patterns, sustainable logistics.


Factory for the People

The factory of the future is required to investigate new forms of interaction between production processes, machines and operators, in order to offer people working in the factory a more comfortable, challenging and gratifying environment.


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