Titolo: Roll-to-roll deposition of flexible CIGS-based solar cells

Coordinatore: IMEM – Istituto dei Materiali per l’Elettronica ed il Magnetismo (Parma)


  • IMEM – Istituto dei Materiali per l’Elettronica ed il Magnetismo (Trento)
  • ISMN – Istituto per lo studio dei materiali nanostrutturati (Bologna)

Progetto di riferimento: MaCISte (sottoprogetto 1)

Abstract: The “Rolling CIGS” project aims to realize a new prototype for the continuous (roll-to-roll) deposition of thin-film solar cells on a flexible tape, based on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS), by the Pulsed Electron Deposition (PED) technique; the tape movement is driven by the film thickness meter. CIGS seems to be the only alternative among the thin film materials that can compete with the crystalline Si-based solar cells, still dominating the photovoltaic (PV) market; the possibility of using flexible substrates opens to CIGS perspectives in the PV integration. Rolling CIGS is an important development of “MaCISte” the Reference Project, that fully achieved the goal to assemble an innovative system, now operating at IMEM-CNR, to deposit high quality CIGS films, smartly transforming a lab-level vacuum chamber for deposition on small, static substrates in a continuous process. It can be realized with the available funds and the limited time at disposal, keeping the same partnership.