Title: Haptic teleoperation of UAV equipped with gamma-ray spectrometer for detection and identification of radio-active materials in industrial plants

Coordinating Institute: IMEM – Istituto Materiali per Elettronica e Magnetismo (Parma)

Partnership: Università di Parma, Dip.to di Ingegneria dell’Informazione

Project: X-drone (subproject 2)

Abstract: The goal of the proposal is to improve the prototype system developed within the Reference Project (Subproject 2) and to make it available for exploitation from third parties. The prototype consists of a remotely-piloted aerial system designed for environmental monitoring and specifically equipped for detection of nuclear radiating substances in outdoor environments. The prototype comprises an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a lightweight spectroscopic radiation detector mounted on the UAV and providing real-time radiation information, a wireless communication infrastructure, and a novel haptic-based teleoperation interface.
The project is mainly aimed at improving the TRL of the prototype to level 7 by i) extending the operational range of the UAV and improving the on board read-out electronics, ii) achieving the required certifications according to the Italian law (regulated by ENAC), and iii) demonstrating the prototype in operational environment in cooperation with ARPA E-R.