Area: 1 – High-Performance Factories

Call topic: 1.2 – Innovative technologies for the carrying-out of components characterized by advanced functional features

Coordinating Institute: ISOF – Institute for Organic Syntheses and Photoreactivity (Bologna)


  • ISMN – Institute of nanostructured materials (Bologna)
  • IBIMET – Institute for biometeorology (Bologna)

Industrial Interest Group: INNOVHUB-SSI (ISSS) (Milan), Saes Getters – E.T.C. S.r.l (Lainate (MI))

Abstract: Silk fibroin from Bombyx mori cocoon is a promising biomaterial for the development of novel ecosustainable technologies intended for biomedical applications. The general aim of the project is to establish and control the whole-chain underpinning the silk fibroin-based technology, and to promote the up-scaling from the laboratory to industrial scale.

The main scientific objective of SILK.IT is to fabricate silk fibroin-based innovative lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices for fluorescence high throughput optofluidic biodiagnostics. Optically active silk fibroin substrates and devices will be engineered and fabricated starting from the production of the raw-material that will be naturally functionalized by feeding Bombyx mori cocoons with specific dye molecules. The fabrication of silk fibroin-based LOC devices will be a key building block towards establishing a sustainable and process-controlled silk-based bio-manufacturing of the future.

Ideas and solutions:

silk-itTo reply to the demand of renewable and biodegradable raw materials and innovative environmental friendly manufacturing of the technology of the future, SILK.IT presents an innovative technology based on natural material, silk-fibroin, as main component in advanced optical devices for bio-diagnostics.

Follow up:

The results obtain within the project were the seed for following initiatives at European level focused on biomedical applications based on controller and tunable silk fibroin, produced in loco at CNR.

The results of the project were also presented in regional  industrial contest with the partnership of Laboratory MIST E-R which is Laboratory of Industrial Research and Technology Transfer of the High Technology Network of Emilia-Romagna. These contest set the scenario for future implementation and exploitation of the results obtained.

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