fabbrica_per_prodotti_personalizzabiliTitle: Hospital Factory for Manufacturing Customized, Patient Specific 3D Anatomo-Functional Model and Prostheses

Area: 1- Factory for Customized Products

Call topic: 1.1 – Methodologies for a joint planning of customised projects, processes and production systems

Coordinating Institute: CNR – IMATI


  • CNR – ITIA
  • Università di Pavia, DICAR

Industrial Interest Group:

  • OVERMACH S.p.A. (Parma)
  • Sarix SA (Losone (CH))
  • R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Donato (San Donato Milanese (MI))
  • R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo (Pavia)
  • Azienda USL della Valle d’Aosta (Aosta)

Abstract: The fabrication of personalized prostheses tailored on each patient is one of the major needs and key issues for the future of the several surgical specialities. Moreover, the production of patient specific anatomo-functional models for pre-operative planning is an important requirement in the presence of such tailored prostheses, as also the surgical treatment has to be optimized for each patient.
The presence of a prototyping service internal to the hospital would be an added value for the clinical activity, and its location inside the hospital allows closer interactions with clinicians, leading to significant time and costs reduction.
At present, no such services are active in Italy and are extremely rare worldwide.
The Project investigates enhanced methods and technologies required for implementing such service. Moreover, the Project analyses the sustainability of the service and, thanks to a demonstration activity, shows the real applicability of the idea and the results.

Ideas and solutions:

fabhospital-2fabhospitalExamples of produced artifacts within the Fab@Hospital framework:

SOFT TISSUES:    Deformable aorta in silicone:

  • Patient specific or standard anatomical and mechanical properties


Patient-specific 3D plates:

  • PEEK material

Hand model to test the plate:

  • Plaster from patient-specific images


Follow up:

fabhospital-6 fabhospital-7 fabhospital-8fabhospital-9

To produce personalized prostheses and pre-operative tools inside the hospital:

  • To improve the interaction with clinicians and to better focus the  production on their needs
  • To reduce release time, especially for urgent patients
  • To reduce and control production costs
  • To create ad hoc factories within the hospitals with specialized staff


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